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Indeed, 49 percent said they were simply looking for someone "to talk to and do things with." Of course, dating isn't always easy, particularly for those who may be dipping back into the dating pool after years on the sidelines. adults aged 57 to 85 surveyed for a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) reported having sex at least once within the past year: Among the oldest group of sexually active adults, 54 percent were having sex at least twice a month, while 23 percent reported engaging in sex at least once a week.

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A future based on shared commitment was pretty much all I thought about—or thought was available to me.And then this attractive woman walked in with all the swagger of a professional athlete and began to show me that it didn’t have to be that way.And let’s revisit the idea of casual or recreational sex. This is not a term or concept I’m very familiar with.I think my generation was either way into it, or we weren’t.It wasn’t that we were immediately talking about sleeping together—we weren’t.

But the talk of sex did come up, much to my surprise, fairly early and in a playful and easy way.♦◊♦“How old do you think I am,” she asked.“I’m not falling for that trap,” I laughed.

I don’t think she’d had a relationship since her divorce. But let’s just say we’ve made plans to get together tomorrow night.

But she was sprinkling magic fairy dust all over the conversation and me.

She confessed to having lied on her OK Cupid profile—she wasn’t 49. To me, casual sex means neither partner has any intentions or expectations about the future of the relationship—the complete opposite approach that I’ve taken in all my writing, where I’ve focused consistently on long-term goals.

I’ve laid out my expectations for dating someone and growing that into something resembling a relationship.

For many women, their careers and hobbies rank higher on their priority list than do romantic relationships, according to Belove.