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Face Time is not even an outside developer's app, but a main feature of the phone.

Watchdogs worry that Face Time could connect children to pornography or predators.

'It has a very personal feel - your mobile phone to hers,' he said.

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Apple has rejected book apps for featuring sexual content and political satires for their potential to offend.

And last week it was accused of censoring its i Bookstore by removing the risque short stories from its top ten list.

15, 2014 shows telephones, including the infamous red one, the direct line to the higher ranking communist authorities, in the commander's office, at the military garrison, turned museum, in Targoviste, Romania, where Romanian communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena spent their final days before being executed on Dec. Romanians, especially those of a more senior age, have mixed feelings about the former dictator and his rule, 25 years after his execution, with many remembering predominantly the positive aspects, like the social security, of the communist times and not focusing on the extreme economic hardships and lack of basic human rights of that period, like freedom of movement or speech.(AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda) At a time when more than two-thirds of Americans carry a smartphone, it would make sense to see more people shedding the extra bill and giving up their landline phones.

Government data show more Americans are indeed cutting the cord, though perhaps more slowly than you might expect.

'The first time someone created a camera there was someone who said, 'Wouldn't it be good for someone to take off their clothes in front of this camera?

'' said Michael Gartenberg from Interpret, a media research company.

In the 1970s, the demand for explicit videos at home helped VCRs become widespread, and the industry was the first to embrace DVDs, too.

Internet porn sites were some of the first to make wide use of streaming video and online credit card payments.

The younger you are, the more likely it is you've never had to memorize a home phone number.

More than 45 percent of children under age 18 lived in wireless-only homes in 2013, up from the same 2.5 percent in 2003.

Apple said that people can choose whom they chat with and parents can turn off the Face Time feature.