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Now, a financial settlement has been reached which will see her receive the payout.Mr Justice Spencer, sitting at the Queen's Bench Division at the Royal Courts of Justice in central London on Monday (January 16) said the agreement was "fair and proper".The "bright and intelligent" teenager suffers from the disability in her arm due to nerve damage from when she was born at the hospital, which has since been renamed to Croydon University Hospital.Croydon University Hospital reaches maximum bed capacity in first week of 2017Her lawyers claimed medics were negligent during her delivery in the 1990s, but Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, the body which runs the hospital, denied responsibility.Two days after that she was spotted on CCTV outside the Birthdays bar in Dalston at about 8.45pm.

According to Morgan's aunt, Serena Knows, the 16-year-old was believed to have gone to Croydon to "talk to and meet up with boys".

Although I am a loud, and very proud South London girl, it’s never really dawned on me that we were much different to the rest of our sisters. On a date, a guy turned to me and said ‘Wow, you are soooo South London’, like being ‘South London’ was a thing. And maybe before going on dates with girls from south of the river, there are things that people should be made aware of. Be warned – there will be pictorial evidence of her wearing a tracksuit at some stage during her teenage years 2. She probably still owns some gold hoop earrings With the right outfit, she could probably still pull them off. She probably will have grown up in or in very close proximity to a pub Her Dad or her uncle or both of them will have owned a pub and that is where she will have spent her youth. She will have spent her childhood going on caravan holidays Because it takes South Londoners an hour to get the Kent coast and my word do they love a caravan holiday down that neck of the woods. She’ll drive – because let’s be honest, how else are you going to get by in life without the Tube? She’ll also drive like a bit of a boy racer Because she probably took her test in Croydon or Morden or New Cross and if you don’t drive like a lunatic round there, you don’t survive. She’ll love it if you have a nickname for her Don’t call her ‘babe’ or ‘hunni’.

There will also be evidence of her wearing her hair in a pony tail so tight, it will look like she had plastic surgery in her early teens This look is commonly known as ‘The Croydon Facelift’. Her Dad will always know a bloke that knows a bloke And he will refuse to let you ever buy a car or make any renovations to your home until he’s spoken to said bloke. She’s more of a ‘pumpkin’, ‘treacle’, kind of a girl. She’ll know where to take you for some of the finest fried chicken you’ve ever eaten Because if there’s one thing this girl knows, it’s where to find a decent two piece and chips. She’ll be quite old school A South London girl will have been brought up around South London old school men and there’s an element of chivalry she’ll expect.

But a look on her face that will tell you when you’ve really ballsed up. She’ll never call it ‘the cinema’ South London girls call it ‘the pictures’ 16.

She spent years at school having to shout over rude boys to get heard so she’s got some lungs on her. She’ll be fiesty She’s also spent a fair amount of years dating rude boys so she’s got a bit of fire in her in her belly from years of dealing with them. She’ll be very attracted to the Danny Dyers of this world Basically, if you haven’t got the slight air of ‘geezer’ about you, there’s a high chance she won’t be that interested. She’ll never turn her nose up if you want to flop around the house in jogging bottoms. And her ‘at home’ jogging bottom collection will be bigger than yours. She’ll never call it ‘at home’ South London girls call it ‘indoors’ 15.

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