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When you have a CAM, you insert a viewing card into the CAM, then insert the CAM into your TV. Some users reported messages such as “You are not entitled to watch this programme” when tuning to a subscription channel on Freeview.

Most likely cause was that the module/card has not inserted correctly, or the card had not received the over-the-air command to activate the subscription No module?

Until 2013, it was possible to watch ESPN by installing a CAM into your TV.IN 2013, ESPN was acquired by BT Sport, meaning that ESPN is no longer available for viewing with a CAM.ESPN’s UK channel started in August 2009 and is available to users with a suitable CAM and CI slot.If you have previously watched Setanta Sports with a CAM, you should be able to get ESPN.The upshot is that if you got a CAM and a subscription card, your TV would be able to watch extra content on a subscription-basis.

A few years back, you could use a CAM in your TV to watch Setanta Sports.

This gives the babe channels superb, universal reach.

But beyond that, TV in most respects contradicts what the babeshows are trying to do.

The haystack, of course, being the dizzying dirge of adult content and services fighting for attention online, and the needle being the babe channel’s premium rate telephone number.

Television places the babeshows’ offerings into an environment where they have very little direct competition – an environment most people are equipped to browse and experience with absolute minimum effort and thought, and at absolute maximum quality.

Your existing Top Up TV or Setanta Sports viewing card can still be used (you will need to call 08444 152020 to get it re-activated though.