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Hey, check it out – your home server has also been renamed HPSTORAGE – don’t worry, you can switch it shortly if you wish.

These are ordinarily coded in PHP, and so you will simply append the PHP file extension after the URL that is tested.Then you merely upload two versions of the page, so they could be rotated, and begin driving traffic to it.The pro copywriters in the world never craft the greatest copy they can the first time.What that basically means is the only way to make something the best it can be is by testing and optimizing.HP has sent along the message that many of you have been anxious to hear for quite some time now: the 3.0 software update for the EX470/EX475/EX485/EX487 servers will be available later this week and will start shipping next week.

I’ve had copies of the upgrade DVD’s for about two weeks now and have performed the Server Recovery process on both an EX475 and EX487, with much better results than I experienced last time.We believe many internet marketers neglect to do this because they simply do not know, or they are just too lazy to do it.For A/B split testing, you have to use what is called a URL rotator script.The easiest way to enhance conversions is to carry out testing because there truly is no other optimization method.Ask any pro web marketer, and you will hear the same thing each time.The URL rotator script offers a different page to every new visitor, and so you should test or modify only one item.