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He has rightly described his wife as a 'pillar of strength' Isabella Poole was delivered by early C-Section following the horrific stabbing of her mother, Rachel Poole.Isabella was born ill due to the strong medications that needed to be given to Rachel, but is making a good recovery 'Honestly it's such an encouragement, just to see and hear the support that is being brought to my family right now, through everything, knowing that everyone's really come to stand behind us right now is really helpful for any kind of recovery,' she said.Poole has been in hospital since Wednesday evening when she was brutally attacked by Corey Bernard, 19, while she was in her kitchen speaking to her husband Justin Pele Poole - who was deployed overseas but has since returned - via Face Time.

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Horror show: Rachel Poole (left), was nine months pregnant when she was stabbed multiple times by an intruder in her home as her husband Justin (right), who was deployed overseas, watched in horror on video chat Once my wife is out of the hospital, let the nation know she will speak up. In the early ’90s she won a visa lottery to the US, and after some confusion about dates, was forced to abandon the Big Goodbye Vacation to the Ring of Kerry with her sister and family, pack up my sisters aged seven and one and book the next flight to the US.My moves might be bigger in terms of distance, but some things about moving are universal, like a new house, new schools, new friends, new community, and a career on hold. Mammy has never said “Don’t go”, and for that I am grateful.Mammy has visited me in every country l have lived in, and while she obviously wants to experience the new culture she is more keen on meeting my ever-expanding circle of international friends, figuring out what is challenging for me in this new country, trying to get a sense of the community on which I have been imposed, seeing for herself if her grandchildren have settled.They can’t believe I’m willing to part with 70CHF (€64) per month just on calls to Ireland; more specifically, on calls to my mother.

We would love to Skype but broadband service in their area is non-existent.We lived in their beautiful house for three years until eventually we also built ourselves a decent, independent life, a better life than we could have dreamed of if we had stayed in Ireland.Our Swiss telephone provider often tries to negotiate a more favourable contract for us.It was chilling to realise what that generation of emigrants left behind for the chance of a better life Stateside in those days. I kept travelling and ended up in New Zealand, and while I was there she met someone. The family joked that I only felt free to meet someone because she had! I asked Mum about the wisdom of starting a long-distance relationship, or LDR as she called it, and she said it was better than an NFR. She was always so gracious in letting me go, with no guilt trips, no tears, only best wishes for the future.And this is how it was a year later when she was diagnosed with cancer.” She had a phone specially installed in the house so as I could keep in touch with her. She still sends me pajamas, homemade brown bread, Barry’s teabags and Clonakilty black pudding.