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I realized I was not wired like most other girls because I bore my mom no ill will for cuckolding Dad.

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After that, I became the world's most ardent voyeur.I'd sneak home at least once a week to see if I could catch Mom in the act; and I did on so on several occasions.Fortunately for them, I was willing and ready to try my hand at sex just as soon as the opportunity presented itself; I'd already figured out that I loved sex even before doing anything.Alone at home one day, I'd inadvertently unearthed Dad's stack of porno movies and adult novels while looking for a flashlight in his closet.I quickly became addicted to the raunchy material, and would race home every day after school, before my brother got home, and read one of the books or watch one of the movies, rubbing my hard little clit until I came, shaking like a leaf.

At night, I'd lie in bed rubbing my furry little slit as I dreamed about Peter North or Tom Byron fucking my cunt then cumming all over my face.Excited beyond belief, I felt my slender legs almost buckle underneath me. Wailing and whimpering, she urged "Steve" to "fuck my pussy, "fuck it harder, "fuck me like a little bitch." I watched for ten minutes as Mom energetically rode Steve until he bellowed loudly and came in her pussy as she squealed in delight.Holding onto the wall for support, I reached my hand under my skirt and rubbed frantically at my already oozing cunt. I quickly left via the back door and stayed away from home until school let out.Dad often said she saw a lot of herself in me, and that was why she was stricter with me than he was.I looked exactly like her too: petite and blonde with pretty eyes.Since we were so much alike my Mom tried to keep a close watch on me, she knew I was trouble.