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Hope to hear from you soon sweetie x Notes: ABDL Daddy in Cambridge area. Let me know what you would like me to do - I'll happily give you cuddles, give you a nice bottle, read you a bedtime story, give you a bath (everything is supplied by you).

I also have an art degree and you will stay in the prettiest nursery ever with hand painted murals. Friendly Young Couple offering Big Brother / Daddy Service. Diaper lovers are very welcome to come and indulge in a Gay friendly atmosphere, no baby stuff if that's what you want.

I have a high chair, very large cot, lots of pretty clothes for you baby girls, boys and sissies. I Will hug you, feed you, pamper and change you, sing lullabies and read stories to you. Notes: Professional adult baby carers with much experience.

All sessions are in a secure, clean, modern and discreet domestic environment with safe free parking.

There is a pink sissy nursery room complete with an adult size cot with pink satin sheets where, feeling just like a Princess, you may watch DVD’s or be put to bed for a nap or for the the night (restraints optional). There is a wide choice of baby girl dresses and frilly petticoats plus a selection of clothes for adult baby boys to fit most sizes.

But if you have been good you can have plenty of cuddles and we can play. Contact me on Fetlife: DADDYANDYUK Or on KIK: DADDYANDYUK The kind of things I like with littles are: Bath time, Nappy change time (wet wet or poo poo), dressing my little girl, Giving her a dummy/dodi/paci/pacifier, Feeding baby food and real formula, Play time, Nap time, Cuddle time, Watching a movie cuddled up to daddy, or watching tv relaxing. Notes: French Lovely daddy takes care of baby girls.

But if you have been naughty Mummy can be very strict. Nanny / Mummy also available either alone or to assist Daddy in all role play. Spanking and disipline is compulsory for naughty children! I will feed you, hold you close and cuddle you, change wet diapers, play and entertain you all day. xxxxx Notes: I cannot accommodate, but willing to meet in public first, then maybe a hotel meet (you pay for the room).There are soft, fluffy terry and disposaable nappies, creams, powder and baby wipes.I also have a girls school uniform, lingerie, ladies clothing, make-up, breast-forms, heels and wigs for babies that like to become an older girl.Posted: , Author: Orehob Lunch Actually runs this app that seems to frown upon the idea of casual flings. Sign up today and browse profiles of malaysian women interested.14 During Christmas 2005, Klass appeared on a celebrity version of the BBC 's quiz show free on line adult dating Mastermind. 32 Klass pledged that all the money raised from the auction will go to charity to help victims of the Farepak savings scandal. Seeking for True Love Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. To become pregnant naturally, one of your eggs and your husband's sperm have to meet in your fallopian tube.At the end of your visit you are able to shower and toiletries and a clean towel are provided.