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When people learn to be more assertive, they are happier and more resilient and tend to make better choices about their sexual health.

Research has clearly shown that maintaining an undetectable viral load can be an effective strategy (see Treatment as Prevention sidebar below), as can the daily use of Pr EP by an HIV-negative person.These expanded options in the HIV prevention toolkit are allowing more HIV-positive people to enjoy happy and healthy sex lives and have opened the door to what some are even calling a new poz identity.Once she felt more comfortable and at ease about having HIV, she was able to be more assertive and normalize it for her partners.Her self-esteem has improved because she is no longer anxious about passing the virus to her sex partners.“I try to help people who are HIV positive improve their coping and assertiveness skills so they don’t feel like they are just because they’re living with HIV.

They’re the same person they always were except they’re also living with HIV.” People with HIV have every right to intimacy, pleasure and living the same full life as they did when they were HIV negative, Hart adds.

This is especially true for women living with the virus.

One study found that only half of HIV-positive women in Canada are sexually active.

This knowledge has transformed the way Tara and many others living with HIV view safer sex and what it means to be HIV positive.

We now know that in addition to condoms, there are other highly effective ways to prevent HIV transmission.

When it comes to sex, she says that her confidence comes from the knowledge that HIV is only one part of her life, and mostly her work life at that.