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Received the replacement ARLO wireless camera yesterday (Wed., 10/26/16), and shipped back the original defective one back to Netgear in Tennessee, via Fed Ex BUT...!!

I have spent HOURS re-setting and re-synching this replacement camera, and it works less than 1% of the time!! It throws one error after another and won't load - doesn't matter if I try to use a web browser on my desktop or laptop to load it, or if using the the Arlo app on my i Phone or i Pad to load it and view "Live"!

It was only when it was outside and the temps were below 45 degress that it would view in that red-pink color.

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Colorado House Bill 13-1277 requires licensing for anyone who engages in certain defined activities of a “Community Association Manager” relating to the management of a common interest community (CIC).As of January 1st, 2016 all individuals who act in the capacity of a Community Association Manager are requird to obtain a CAM License from the Colorado Division of Real Estate.The camera does detect motion, but that's about it.Please also note the cameras software was updated and is running the same version as my other two ARLO wireless cameras (Device Info shows: Version: 1.2.7730 and Hardware: H7)What can I do now? I'm already tired of paying and shipping back various wireless cameras to replace due to being defective/hardware problems.Note: Van Ed will include this information for students.

The application for obtaining a community association manager license will be available on the Division website for completion and submission beginning in April of 2015 Community association managers must be licensed in order to manage a common interest community in the State of Colorado by July 1, 2015. S., the Director of the Division of Real estate will establish, by rule, the continuing education requirements for licensed community association managers.

Van Ed has the 24 hours of mandatory education you need to qualify for the Colorado CAM licensing exam.

Our courses are 100% online and can be completed efficiently from your home or office.

The Division will have the community association manager test for licensing available for applicants.

Testing will be provided by PSI and will be available at testing facility locations listed on the Division website.

Just got the system and set up base with no issues.