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Such act may eventually hurt the popularity and credibility of those Websites.In general, defining spam and rules for spamming facilitate the spam identification by Web search engines.Others are considered illegal and may cause the Website that uses them to be banned from the listings of any search engine when discovered such spam behavior.

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There are several publications related to detection of Arabic content and link based Web spam conducted by this paper authors.The study of used the dataset of top 100 popular Arabic Websites from the search engine results pages, which were collected based on the popular Arabic key words.For example, Google defines the following practices to be spam techniques (The main challenge in the research related to Web spam techniques can be summarized by the ambiguity of the rules used by Web search engines to identify spam Web pages.This is so because these rules are considered by search engines as part of their ranking algorithms, and therefore they are classified and not publically exposed.Website popularity can be measured using several metrics such as the Web traffic (e.g.

Website: visitors’ number and visited page number).Therefore, a certain Web page maybe considered by a certain search engine as a spam while it is ranked within the top 10 SERP for another search engine.The term “Spamdexing” is used to describe techniques used to artificially raise the perceived relevancy of inferior Websites ( presents the conclusion of this paper.Websites strive to be popular and make themselves visible to Web search engines. Traffic is determined by the number of users or visitors for a particular Website.Search engines work as mediators between users and Websites.Results showed also that while there are some common behaviors among all languages for spam, however, each language, particularly Arabic, may have unique rules that can be used or abused by spammers ().