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Now, while I don't have a problem with this (I am bisexual msyelf) or with him watching porn (I watch it also) I recently found out that he cheated on me - which normally wouldn't be a problem, since we discussed very early in our relationship that cheating wasn't an issue as long as we were honest about it.

I decided to see if I could tell what it was about gay porn that I felt turned on by.I now think I have the answer: Porn and masturbation is a completely self-indulgent experience.They are making their mind believe that this is OK... Now about being scared to talk to your boyfriend because he will get mad, this is another story... If you have a good relationship, nothing is off limits.... It may mean that the op's boyfriend might be bisexual, or maybe he just curious about how the other side operates.I myself am in a similar situation, and my boyfriend just admitted to me that he's bisexual.I'm not sure how to trust him again he told me he was only curious because an ex gf of his introduces some anal play and toys and he.enjoyed it. Particularly as I don't (and I've tried) find gay sex pleasurable.

He said the fact he screwed with his head and made him start thinking that made him hi or something in the sorts but he said he got it out of his system and he knows hes straight as I reinsuraned him anal play doesn't make someone gay.have gspot there. After reading this reply by thinkdeep "Seeing something that seems stimulating will naturally get you aroused, whether it is a man or woman doing the stimulating".

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He doesn't know that I've found this out,and everytime we have sex i can't seem to shake it off. The most important thing is to make him feel comfortable and that you understand, Im sure he still loves you, and I'm pretty sure its just curiousity but the main thing is to be comfortable in your relationship and frank with each other, even if its not direct.

Most people learn about what they enjoy or what other people enjoy by watching porn or at least learn about sex. You could try asking him about it subtuly, maybe hire some lesbian porn and say you might think it would be exciting for you both to watch it, and later some gay porn and say you were curious and make him watch it with you.

No, he doesn't have sexual encounters with men regularly, it was a one-time deal, and he told me that he doesn't have any desire to sleep with a man. It definitely may be a case of him wanting to know things that may get him aroused as well. I found my bf was looking at craigslist men seeking men.