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Suzanne Fields, Eve Orlon, Carmen Olivera, Alice Friedland. An absolute sleaze classic directed by Steckler under one of his German aliases. Non stop sleazy action from start to finish with bits of awkward improvised dialog giving the RD Steckler signature to one of his earliest XXX films. Also includes bonus theatrical trailers for Steckler's Sexorcist and Perverted Passion DEEP ROOTS 1978. A Native American man rides his chopper bike off the reservation to L.

One shot actress (this is her only known feature) Mary Monroe shows off her amazing 6'2” teenage body in multiple XXX scenes in this offbeat yarn of prostitution and blackmail. A brute biker ties up and rapes a tiny girl, a guy strangles his bound girlfriend to death, one of the wettest golden showers scenes in all of '70s porn and more! Room 169 of the Pleasure Motel has many sinful stories of lesbianism, rope bondage, and dildo play to tell. Cast: Anita Sands, Liz Renay, Jesse Chacan, Mary Swan, Debbie Love. One of only 2 films featuring the amazing Anita Sands, a freckled bra busting redhead that ranks as one of the sexiest obscure starlets of all time!

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Also includes HARD KNOCKS (55 min) A married couple invites the college-age sister of the wife to stay but both the husband and wife can’t keep their hands off of her young body. This first-ever Kathy Hilton tribute DVD includes 3 digitally transferred features: THE CAPER (62 min. The Filipino maid surprises him and gets some of the same. Marsha Moon, Melissa Hall, Kim Pope, Helen Madigan), a take-off of the Hollywood hit THE SUMMER OF ‘42. Equally alluring is Tina Smith whose heavy tits defy the laws of gravity! Tina Smith, Christine De Schaffer.) Tina has a HOT lesbian scene with another sexy bra buster. Kathy Hilton, Maria Arnold) Gorgeous Kathy is a photographer with an eye for the erotic. SHE COULDN’T SAY NO (46 min) Kathy is a nymphomaniac who recalls her father molesting her under hypnosis. 84 min) Hybrid crime drama/softcore sex flick about a down-on-his-luck guy who turns to bank robbery. Director Jack Deveau Starring: Al Mineo, Alex Marks, Bob Williams, Larry Burns, Ray Frank, Robert Rikas, Teri Reardon, Warren Mans. A compilation of Voyeur Boys loops, with most scenes involving one guy watching other guys having sex. Gaunt’s shrunken skeletal cokehead and loud plaid pants only make him more rank and believable. Alpha Blue Archives presents a new digitally remastered UNCUT release of the absolutely enduring “golden-age” classic DESIRES WITHIN YOUNG GIRLS. Cast: Annette Haven, Georgina Spelvin, Abigail Clayton, Clair Dia, Joan Devlon, Stacy Evans, John Leslie. Taken from a colorful 35mm film print, Wood’s classic prehistoric nudie is joined by 3 additional films starring the young and beautiful Antoinette Maynard: I AM FURIOUS (1969. Suzanne Fields, Antoinette Maynard), WINNING STROKE (1973. John Holmes, Orita De Chadwick, Cyndee Summers, Antoinette Maynard), THE MARRIED BACHELOR (47 min.), plus a bonus scene from AVALON CALLING (12 min)! THE UNDERGRADUATE (1971 67 min.) stars Suzanne Fields and Eve Orlon as bell-bottomed teenagers exploring with abandon their budding sexuality. Cast: Antoinette Maynard) is a film so schlocky even legendary Z-film cult director Ed Wood, Jr. Cavemen and (more importantly) cavewomen can’t keep their loincloths on in this savage skinflick which climaxes with the least terrifying rubber dinosaur ever seen on the big screen! Alpha Blue Archives is proud to present Ed Wood’s entry into the 1970s pseudo-sex-educational film genre! Along the way he has sex with various guys, sometimes abusive and non-consensual. When two handsome young buddies are hanging around the affluent surroundings of their backyard pool getting high and enjoying the sun, anything can happen, including a hot daddy pool man. The entire movie chronicles a five man orgy from horny start to cum flowing finish, featuring hard and tight twinks fucking bareback. A youthful cult dabbles in devil worship while a long-haired man searches for his missing brother. Young and nubile cutie Justina Lynne appeared in a handful of mid-70s West Coast cult adult films such as HARDGORE and FEMMES DE SADE but sadly had few major roles. Justina Lynn, Desiree West) and MELANIE’S HOTLINE (1975. Discovering she is not as well off as she thought, she decides to get her daughters (Annette Haven and Clair Dia) out of school to marry them off to rich husbands. Even in her earliest 1970s films, Candy Samples already fit the busty MILF archetype she would perfectly portray throughout her career. was more famously known for his 1950s B-movie classics PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE and BRIDE OF THE MONSTER (as well his portrayal by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s 1994 biopic ED WOOD), but he ended his bizarre life and career as a writer/director of obscure 1970s X-rated films. This DVD contains a new digital transfer of the complete softcore version as well all of the alternate explicit scenes. Eccentric pulp writer and legendary cult director Ed Wood Jr. Also included for the first time on video are three additional digitally mastered Casey Larrain sexploitation feature films: CAUGHT IN THE CAN (1970, 65 min.

Starring: Bob Louis, Greg Anthony, Jayson Mc Bride, Richard Locke, Nick Scotty, Shannon. Though it pre-dates Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” by several years, it’s an age old premise – when the parents are away, the boys will play! Georgina Spelvin plays Madeline Stone, a woman whose husband passes away during the opening sex scene. Eccentric pulp writer and legendary cult director Ed Wood Jr. Alpha Blue Archives Presents Ed Wood’s satanic tale of marital frustration NECROMANIA (1971, 49 min., Rene Bond, Maria Arnold.) Previously thought to be Wood’s lost, last film, it was also famously released in both a soft and a hardcore version with different sex scenes shot for each. Alpha Blue Archives proudly presents a first-time-on-video digitally mastered release of Ed Wood’s previously lost sexploitation biker flick NYMPHO CYCLER (1971, 52 min.) A young motorcycle-riding wife (Casey Larrain) hits the road to escape her old, cross-dressing husband (Edward D. On the road she encounters lesbian drug addicts and wild biker parties while attempting to evade a violent gang of thugs sent by her husband to rape her. Cast: Beth Broderick, Amber Lynn, Tish Ambrose, Taija Rae, Paul Thomas. This DVD collects 4 digitally transferred Chadwick rarities: 69 SUNSET STRIP (55 min) Toothy Sam Shovel Private Eye is out to prove his motto “I Dig Deep” with multiple beautiful ’70s women in this grainy rarity. Orita De Chadwick, Ric Lutz, Becky Sharpe) Sorority pledges are ritualistically tied down and fucked by hooded cult members. A slender beauty with full B-cup tits, Sandy Dempsey was a sexy staple during the early ’70s film underground’s transition from softcore to hardcore. This 3 film collection includes the XXX Western DR. 54 min), plus a bonus of Marsha’s brutal torture scenes from THE HOUSE NEAR THE PRADO! Contains the original fisting scene that has been removed in more recent versions. Also included is Shaun Costello’s SCHOOLGIRL’S REUNION (1977. THE NYMPH TAPES (58 min) Orita is a nympho with an incestuous relationship with her brother who is put through rigorous sexual testing by a horny research team! Sandy sadly passed away before the X-rated scene came into full swing in the late ’70s. CARSTAIRS 1869 LOVE ROOT-ELIXIR aka STICKY FINGERS (1972. Marsha Jordan, Kathy Hilton, Susan Gaines), EVERYBODY GOES APE (1970, 56 min), the bizarre sexual sci-fi of 2069 A. Director: Miles Pazz Starring: Bob Weaver, Davey Williams, Horst Mai, Jeff Colt, Gary, Nirn Drio, Tony Ell, Kevin Gladstone. George Payne plays a handsome construction worker who finds sexual opportunities everywhere that he goes, but in the process he cheats on his boyfriend. Starring: Budd Brody, Don Ranger, Duff Paxton, Laura Laura, Luke Hanson, Mike Kent, Terry King, Ty Winslow. The vampire drinks the cum of his servants from a silver chalice and then sinks his teeth into their arms to get their blood. Starring: Henri Yaloo, Herb Lewis, John Cinder, Kebb Lieser, Rich Allison, Sonny Diner. Plus screwball crime caper TIT FOR TAT a.k.a A ROD FOR REVENGE (1972. Rick Cassidy, Ric Lutze), in which Tina plays a cheating wife! Alpha Blue Archives proudly presents a new digital transfer of the lost film THE MARRIED WOMAN (1977. This three-film collection includes a gorgeous digital transfer of the incredibly rare, first-time-on-video release MOTHER KNOWS BEST (1971. Candy Samples, Suzanne Fields.) Candy teaches her little daughter Suzanne everything she needs to know about sex with a very “hands-on” approach! 69 min., Becky Sharpe, Antoinette Maynard, Candy Samples, Maria Arnold), filled with bizarre scenarios (like a vampire rapist getting beaten with a bedpan) and beautiful models. One of those ultra-rare Beta tapes has been digitized here in all of its ancient analog glory along with digital transfers of three lost Suzanne Fields 16mm films: WARD SEX (1971, 41 Minutes. Malta), plus a rare clip from LOVE MAKING USA with Larrain and Wood! Alpha Blue Archives proudly presents a new, digitally mastered release of Ed Wood’s XXX erotic swan song THE YOUNG MARRIEDS (1971, 52 min.) Lost for over 40 years and saturated with Wood’s low-budget eccentricity and excess, the film triumphs as an explicit sex flick due to the frisky innocence of Alice Friedland in one of her few hardcore roles. Cast: Brooke West, Liz Renay, Karen Hall, Christine Barry. A costumed party orgy filled with raunchy double penetrations and John Holmes's giant cock! Claire, Taija Rae, Sharon Kane, Tish Ambrose, George Payne. Five models and their lovers invent exotic games to keep their sex lives fresh. Little does he know that his brother involved in vampire sex rituals in an attic chamber. Beautiful Tina in sizzling action including a blistering solo scene with a fat hot dog! This was Justina’s only major starring role and this completely uncut version contains her kinkiest scene ever! Her astounding knockers and mature beauty secured her place as history’s ultimate bra-busting MILF! Candy Samples, Suzanne Fields, Sandy Dempsey, Eve Orlon, Keith Erickson) Dental office sexual shenanigans! Wood’s exercise in educational excess hasn’t been seen on home video since it was released on Betamax in the early ’80s. ), THE YOUNG MODEL (56 Minutes), THE SEX SPA (55 Minutes), plus the WARD SEX theatrical trailer! Also includes three new digitally mastered Maria Arnold films: PLEASURE BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL (51 min.), OAKIE MAID (34 min. was more famously known for his 1950s B-movie classics PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE and BRIDE OF THE MONSTER (as well his portrayal by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s 1994 biopic ED WOOD), but he ended his bizarre life and career as a writer/director of obscure 1970s X-rated films. Linda Vroom), SCENT OF LOVE (52 min), HEDONIST HYPNOTIST (1970, 56 min. Cast: Sharon Mitchell, Mai Lin, Drea, John Holmes, Jamie Gillis, Misty Dawn, Crystal Lake. 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