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The Legislature shall provide for deductions from the salaries of public officers who may neglect the performance of any duty that may be assigned them by law.

The money may not be expended for any purpose other than the purpose for which it was given. The state agencies may deposit money accepted under this subsection either in the state treasury or in other secure depositories. DISQUALIFICATION TO HOLD OFFICE BY GIVING OR OFFERING BRIBE. APPROPRIATIONS FOR PRIVATE PURPOSES; STATE PARTICIPATION IN PROGRAMS FINANCED WITH PRIVATE OR FEDERAL FUNDS FOR REHABILITATION OF BLIND, CRIPPLED, OR PHYSICALLY OR MENTALLY HANDICAPPED PERSONS. Absence on business of the State, or of the United States, shall not forfeit a residence once obtained, so as to deprive any one of the right of suffrage, or of being elected or appointed to any office under the exceptions contained in this Constitution. FORFEITURE OF RESIDENCE BY ABSENCE ON PUBLIC BUSINESS. The Legislature may pass laws for the regulation of live stock and the protection of stock raisers in the stock raising portion of the State, and exempt from the operation of such laws other portions, sections, or counties; and shall have power to pass general and special laws for the inspection of cattle, stock and hides and for the regulation of brands; provided, that any local law thus passed shall be submitted to the qualified voters of the section to be affected thereby, and approved by them, before it shall go into effect.

REGULATION OF LIVE STOCK; PROTECTION OF STOCK RAISERS; INSPECTIONS; BRANDS. State agencies may spend money accepted under this subsection, and no other money, for specific programs and projects to be conducted by local level or other private, nonsectarian associations, groups, and nonprofit organizations, in establishing and equipping facilities for assisting those who are blind, crippled, or otherwise physically or mentally handicapped in becoming gainfully employed, in rehabilitating and restoring the handicapped, and in providing other services determined by the state agency to be essential for the better care or treatment of the handicapped. Money accepted under this subsection is state money. This subsection does not prohibit state agencies authorized to render services to the handicapped from contracting with privately-owned or local facilities for necessary and essential services, subject to such conditions, standards, and procedures as may be prescribed by law. Laws shall be made to exclude from office persons who have been convicted of bribery, perjury, forgery, or other high crimes. Money accepted under this subsection for a purpose prohibited by the Legislature shall be returned to the entity that gave the money. For an office for which this constitution requires an election, the legislature may provide by general law for a person to take the office without an election if the person is the only candidate to qualify in an election to be held for that office.