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The sites listed below focus on this community, providing members with an ability to meet others who understand the issues disabled individuals struggle with on a daily basis.

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is currently listed among low-traffic websites, with around 13K visitors from all over the world monthly.

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passionsnetwork Dating can be difficult for people dealing with some sort of disability.

To make it easier for people with disabilities to meet in a 'judgement free' and welcoming environment, a number of online dating & social networking sites have been created specifically for the 'Disabled Community'.

While the site provides all the features found in mainstream dating sites, it also includes a number of features designed specifically to connect people dealing with disabilities, including a 'Disabled Groups' options, a 'Disabled Books' library, a 'Video Directory focusing on the Disabled Community', etc.

- passionsnetwork I have been on here long time it's a good place for disabled & physically challenged to talk & get to know people with similar challenges & go from there if they want to meet & or date signed Michael Lockhart Great site for us disabled people to find some 1 to be friends with & or date that have some of the same problems & who understand what it is like to be different Great site to meet and greet.

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